Mount Calvary Baptist Church - North Bay
One Church two locations, A Multi-Ethnic Ministry
I invite you to join us in this vision. We welcome you warmly into our family of people committed to sharing God’s love with the world and will do our best to help you become the person and leader God has called you to become. Thank you for your interest in ADVANCE, our program of contextualized leadership development. At Mount Calvary, we are passionate about leading individuals into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ and equip them for service to God and humanity. In order to meet this challenge, we must intentionally equip leaders. Our ADVANCE center is one of the ways we fulfill this challenge.

Expect that passion to influence every class you take. I invite you to join us in this love with the world and will do our best to help you become the person and leader God has called you to become.


ADVANCE: A Program of Contextualized Leadership Development

The Mount Calvary Baptist Church’s Church Leadership Development Center provides church leadership development in partnership with the Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention. The seminars department we work with was known as Contextualized Leadership Development (CLD) but is now known as ADVANCE: A Program of Contextualized Leadership Development. The name, as well as the program itself, has changed offering a stronger resource to equip more effective leaders for the Kingdom of God.


ADVANCE: A Program of Contextualized Leadership Development (ADVANCE/CLD) provides quality, Bible-based ministry training in a geographically convenient and contextualized setting. Each center is established under a cooperative agreement with Gateway Seminary, the local Baptist church, association(s), state/regional conventions, and ethnic fellowships.

To meet the challenge of equipping church leaders to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we stand ready and willing to provide a means of training in local churches, Baptist associations, and Baptist state/regional conventions, or wherever there is a need. Equipping leaders for evangelism, church planting, pastoring, and church leadership are at the heart of ADVANCE/CLD training.


Enable students to:

1. Demonstrate courageous growth in obedience to and love for Jesus and His ways.

2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of Scripture and its faithful interpretation and application.

3. Demonstrate a life lived in connection to and service within a church and its associational, national, and global missional networks.

4. Demonstrate a focused sense of giftedness, passion, and competence in ministry.

5. Demonstrate a passion for the local and global fulfillment of the Great Commission.

6. Demonstrate a capacity to relate effectively with people.

7. Demonstrate a relevant vision and plan for a specific context of service.

ADVANCE Structure

1. ADVANCE is built on a series of 12-hour Ministry Certificates that are made up of four 3-hour courses and that provide training in specific ministry areas. When combined, Ministry Certificates form Ministry Diplomas.

2. A 24-hour Ministry Diploma is a combination of 2 certificates, consisting of eight 3-hour courses.