Mount Calvary Baptist Church - Family Care Plan / Tribes
One Church two locations, A Multi-Ethnic Ministry


“The purpose of the Family Ministry Care Plan (FMCP), as an extension of our Pastor’s concern for the Mount Calvary Baptist Church (MCBC) family, is to support members that find themselves in difficult situations due to illness, bereavement, sick and shut-in, convalescent, etc.

Our commitment is to reach out and be there to support members on behalf of the Pastor and the MCBC family, to pray and encourage members and their families in times of need. During this period of major shifts in our social engagements, to exclude physical engagement due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we remain committed to engaging with members of MCBC.  If you or someone in your immediate family (parents, spouse, children, grandchildren, or close relatives) are ill or has been hospitalized, and the church has been notified through Pastoral Care, FMCP will perform a follow-up check with you. You may reach us by email at or by calling and leaving a voice message at (707) 759-2100.  However, you can also contact Pastoral Care at / or by calling (707) 399-4253.


Tribes are assigned according to the member's last name.  

Last Names Tribe Of:
A - BL Reuben
Bm - Ch Simeon
Ci - Do Manasseh
Dp - Go Judah
Gp - Ho Dan
Hp - Ki Naphtali
Kj - McGa Gad
McGb - Pa Asher
Pb - Ru Issachar
Rv - St Zebulun
Su- Weh Ephraim
Wei- Z Benjamin


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