Mount Calvary Baptist Church - Evangelism / Mission Ministry Division
One Church two locations, A Multi-Ethnic Ministry

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."  John 8:32


Welcome to the Mount Calvary Baptist Church Evangelism/Mission Division where our mission is to lead individuals into a DYNAMIC relationship with Jesus Christ and equip them for service to God and humanity

We greet you in the Powerful, Potent and Penetrating Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We are excited about the opportunities that await us in the Evangelism/Mission Division of Mount Calvary Baptist Church.  God has firmly anchored us in the nucleus of the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:16-20.

There is glaring evidence that now is the time to join our ministry as we "Go!" and make disciples through evangelistic and missions ministries.  We exist to save and impact lives beyond the 4 walls.  Our focus is to help save the lost and to minister to those that are disenfranchised not only locally globally.  We want to reach the lost at all cost and empower them with the very essence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In fact, that's why Jesus came to earth!  The Gospel of Luke tells us that Jesus told a man name Zacchaeus "For the Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost." (Luke 19:10 NIV)  What a powerful proclamation from our Lord!

From Local to Global outreach we have something for everyone to do!

We have 11 DYNAMIC teams:

  • ADMINISTRATION/PROJECT MANAGEMENT– Supports the division director and each team administratively as lives are won for the Kingdom. Sends division’s emails, text blasts, announcements and manages all evangelism events.

  • COMMUNITY/STREET OUTREACH – The team is equipped to go beyond the four walls of the church reaching the lost at all cost as lives are won for the Kingdom! The team reaches into the community seeking to indelibly impact lives through the love of Christ. (Community partnerships with other organizations and Rockwell Manor Apartments/Adopt-a-Block Programs)

  • HABITAT FOR HUMANITY – The team seeks to help citizens receive affordable housing as lives are won for the Kingdom!  (Build days, Re-store assistance) The team also goes into the communities to help prepare future homeowners with ownership workshops and preparation.

  • LOCAL/GLOBAL MISSIONS – The team is responsible for our local and global missions from Fairfield to the uttermost parts of the globe. We minister in Haiti, Africa, Asia, South America and Mexico through our global missionary network. Locally we go out each month and feed the homeless in the parks and under the freeway as lives are won for the Kingdom.

  • MULTILINGUAL OUTREACH(Spanish Ministry/Sign Language Ministry/Filipino Ministry). The team is responsible for reaching into the church and the community to build connections with those who speak languages other than English and or are bilingual (African languages, Spanish, Filipino, and Sign Language). We seek these individuals to help win lives for the kingdom! The Spanish team is equipped to minister en Espanol and also has adopted an apartment complex.

  • DREAM CENTER MINISTRY – Our new Dream Center is located at 1745 Enterprise Drive, Bldg 2.  This is a Dream Center destined to help anyone realize their dreams of something better in their lives!  Anyone who would dare to dream of a better life is invited to the Dream Center to be blessed by the ministry and to be a blessing.  The Dream Center is a ministry designed to help impact the total person.  Its goal is to help develop disciples through educational (GED), workforce investment and training.  The Dream Center's purpose is to connect people to God through a community of support by providing human services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of homelessness, hunger relief, medical care and education.  The Dream Center will be funded totally by the church's mission fund, donations, grants and outside foundation/community philanthropy.

  • PRISON MINISTRY – The team is charged with evangelizing those that are in prison, county jail and juvenile hall and to help prevent souls from going to jail. The team operates within a quadrant roadmap to seek and save lives: Pardon (John 8:36), Prevention (2 Peter 3:9), Prison (Matthew 25:36), Parole (Jeremiah 7:33). The team includes a new mother-infant program designed to allow incarcerated mothers to bond with their children while incarcerated and prepares the family for parole. The ministry also takes wayward juveniles to San Quentin as a preventive act.

  • CLWPMINISTRY (Changing Lives w/Purpose) Youth/Young Adult Evangelism – This ministry is designed to give our YOUTH the TRUTH through the "SWAG-A-LATION" of the Savior! In partnership with our MCBC Youth/Young Adult Ministry, the team is designed to connect young people (Young Christian Leaders or YCL's) from inside the church to beyond the 4 walls of the church and vice versa!  In other words, we are a ministry that's focused on bringing out the best in our youth and young adults as the become more like Christ!  Even as the ALLOW Christ to impact their LIVES they will impact their PEERS with the Gospel!  We seek to save our young people from a land flowing with filth and money as we let them roll with the ministry to a land FLOWin with MILK-N-HONEY!  Come roll Side WAYS with us through a hopeless World as we bring HOPE from the Savior!  We will not stop at the Speed bumps until we win lives for Christ locally, nationally and globally!  Let's get it!  Contact us at CLWPministry(at)

  • DIVINE RESOURCE STORAGE FACILITY/TRANSPORTATION - The (DRSF) was birthed out of a divine opportunity to help the community as a result of the Marigold Fires in 2013. Since then, the congregation and community has donated an abundance of clothing, shoes, kitchen ware, dry goods and hygiene items. We use the facility to store these items.  We now have clothing and dry goods to support the community in the event of a disaster and/or to just help people with clothing and other items.  We also seek help to assist us with transporting goods to the storage facility as well as facility upkeep.

  • NOMADIC SHELTER/HOMELESS MINISTRY - The Evangelistic Compassion Ministry for the Homeless is a ministry of compassion to the broken, needy and homeless community within the Solano County area.  The "service" the community by sharing the love of God through action, providing food and clothing and, sharing the Word of God to all.  Jesus Christ reached out to a multitude of people during His ministry, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, bringing deliverance to the sick and raising the dead.  This ministry emulates the works of Christ as it outreaches to this targeted community of individuals.  The ultimate goal is to make a positive difference in their lives by leading them into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ and, helping them return into society as upstanding citizens.  The Ministry partnered with Mission Solano of Fairfield to provide nomadic shelter services to guests, occurring once a month at the Suisun campus.  Meals, shelter and supervision are provided, and the Word of god is spoken to approximately 50 to 60 guest each month.  If you are interested in joining the Homeless Ministry, please email Sis. Marcia Crawford at mcbc.homelessministry(at)

  • PRAYER MINISTRY - THE MISSION of the Prayer Ministry is to lead individuals into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ by encouraging them to pray the Word of God as it relates to every situation pertaining to their lives...This, then, is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name.  Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:9-10, NIV).  The Prayer Ministry believes that God does hear and answers prayer.  Opportunities for Prayer:  Submit a prayer request online today, and know that we are praying for your specific needs.  You may also submit a prayer request via the box located in the lobby of either sanctuary, which will be retrieved by a team member, and prayed for diligently.  Do you have a specific prayer request you would like someone to pray with you about?  If so, join the  Prayer Ministry for intercessory prayer in the sanctuary 15-minutes prior to each service.  We annually recognize May 2 as it marks the anniversary of the "National Day of Prayer", a day that the U.S. Congress urges to be a day of prayer and meditation for people of all faiths and denominiations.  We extend an invitation to all to join us at the main campus anytime between t he hours of 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on this date, as we pray for churches, US government, the educational system, families, the US military, business, and the media.

If you believe God is calling you or has called you to evangelism and missions, we humbly pray for your willingness to join and partner with us as we empower the globe with the love of Jesus Christ.  We meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 11:00am in the Dream Center at 1745 Enterprise Dr., Bldg 2. Come join us as we join God to win lives for the Kingdom.  We are committed to service and to serve those that are in need of the Word of God as it is lived out through the service of one human being to another.  We have an awesome ministry that goes beyond the 4 walls of the church!  In closing, we thank you in advance for having a servant attitude as we receive Power, Grace and Mercy to reach the masses for the Master.

Please feel free to call us if you have additional questions.  Please contact our Division Director, Minister Tony Adams at (707) 399-2483 or email or Twitter (@tonyadams411) or Facebook (@MinisterTonyAdams) and Instagram (@MinisterTonyAdams). 

Thanks everyone! We are asking that you keep us in prayer. If you have questions you can follow up with Minister Adams at 707-399-2483 or email .